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$137,857 paid in financial                            assistance.
1570 emergency food boxes given, serving 4215 clients.
600 families received food through the Christmas Basket Program.
123 volunteers assisted 394 patients playing monthly bingo at Bordeaux Hospital.
$8,000 in scholarships awarded to 4 area high school girls.
31,263 volunteer hours were contributed by Ladies of Charity during the Consignment Sale, Stuff Galore, Christmas Basket Program and The Welfare Office.



When the sales are over, and the numbers come in, The Ladies of Charity take the proceeds and immediately put that money into our Emergency Assistance Programs. As an emergency fund charity, we can be the first place people call when they are in crisis. Because of the fundraising efforts of our members, and the generous support from the Nashville Community, we can help those who are in need with food and financial assistance.


We provide three food boxes per year for people who are struggling, with each food box containing enough food to make 36 meals. We are one of the only charities that provide fresh milk, bread, eggs, and sandwich meat in addition to canned goods. The cost of these items increases our costs, but we know how vital these items are to meal preparation. 


We also provide financial relief to people in Davidson County who have fallen behind on a utility bill. When the temperatures are at their most extreme and heating and cooling bills go up, many people cannot afford it. Seniors and people with disabilities have very limited resources, so we provide assistance during those times. 


The Ladies of Charity has served Nashville for over 100 years and remain commtted to those less fortunate.